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Unhappy Big Problems (experts only) [; ; win2KPro]

A couple months ago, I got a new HDD and installed Win 2K Pro and within a few days, had all my software and hardware installed and setup properly. Then the problems started and have continued ever since. Either it is software related or it is hardware related and just a big coincidence.

(1) System Lockups - This happens a few times day ... anywhere from 2 times to a dozen times per day. It seems to happen more often when I am actively using the PC, but at times it happens when I just have Flash FXP running while I sleep (and I wake up to a locked system). Caps lock stops working at this point; num lock works. A soft reboot works but it often locks up again right away after the reboot ... sometimes it doesn't.

RAM has been tested extensively and all tests show no problems. My CPU is quite old, but I don't imagine it is an overheating problem as the problems have occured when the CPU is at 78 degrees F as well as 102 degrees F and everything in between. I also have a slot 1 adapter which I considered, but I really don't know how to test that other than to throw another one in there (which I don't posess). I also considered this piece of crap ATI AIW 32mb Radeon vid card as that cause me major problems when I first got it. However, this time I had followed the driver install instructions from and all [b]seemed[/b] to go ok.

(2) Disk Cleanup - It simply doesn't work. I click it, the progress bar hits the initial step, and then it sticks and refuses to move again - and it doesn't matter which of my hard drives I try it on.

(3) Defrag & Scandisk - On drive C (old HDD), these processes have not completed successfully in some time. They get stuck and don't move again. On Drive D/E (same drive 10gb/100gb partition split respectively) ... D (10gb) completes fine. Trying to run the processes on E (100gb) locks the system over and over so I have to restart the system and process continuously just so I can finish.

(4) Video - Trying to run a video of any format in Windows Media Player locks up the system about 75% of the time. Format doesn't matter - VCD, SVCD, DivX, AVI, and VOB files all produce the same result. Whether it is the only proggie running or there are 10 others running makes no difference in the percentage of times it crashes vs playing ok. Playing audio files btw in Win Explorer (preview bar) works perfectly.

(5) Reboots on its own - This rarely happens but it does happen - maybe 1x per 1-2 weeks. Annoying and it bugs me b/c it should [i]never[/i] happen.

Finally, one more unrelated issue ... my CD/DVD titles don't update in My Computer after I switch discs. No matter how many times I refresh, they never update. Only a system reboot updates the drive to display any inserted disc after the first one.

well, kudos to you if you can figure this out b/c I am at a loss atm. My best guess is something to do with those damn vid card drivers but I don't really know. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.

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