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OK, 7200 rpm is fine, never seen an xbox overheat just because of a hot hdd, if theres a big diff in price between 2meg cache, and 8 meg cache, get the 2 meg cache one, as xbox wont make use of the extra cache.

right granted the hdds get hot, but dont bother with the fan mod (replacing the stock fan with a new one), ive done it, messy job, and its really not worth the hassle of hacking an slashing the insides of the case, when at the end of the day, just patch the bios, use xbtool, increase the fan speed by 20% (on 20% as default, just add 20 to make 40%), this will increase the voltage to the xbox fan (the stock fan is 12volt anyways, but by default only runs on around 7 volts, so the fan can handle it), somthing i do on nearly evry xbox is drill holes in the plastic harddrive chassis, drill loads, all over it, this will allow better air flow, but beleive me [b]the fan upgrade (replacing the fan with a faster one) is not needed, and a real ballache to do[/b], nother last thing, make sure you update your bios to either latest xecuter 4981 , or one thats LBA 48 patched, BEFORE you put the bigger hdd in, good luck