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[i]Originally posted by copyright [/i]
[B]Okay, I just got ahold of this info today.

Once you are infected it blocks you from going to windows update, installing the patch, or updating you windows definitions. [/B]
That is incorrect.

From what I understand, some part of the virus contacts the Windows Update site through the internet connection (hence the inability to hang up whilst the computer is preparing to shut down) and performs a DoS attack stopping almost anyone from getting the patch.

The patch CAN still be run with the MSBlast virus installed and the virus definitions can most definatly be updated as thats one way of ridding your system of the virus (Or it was before Symantec released the cleaner).

And once the patch is installed and you are sure you are clear of the virus, there is no need to block those port numbers, especially if you run any form of web or email server as they are ports associated with those. If you have not been affected yet by the hack attempt, STILL INSTALL THE PATCH! It is still a mjor security hole in the Windows NT code and you dont need to worry about port blocking.

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