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Exclamation HELP - DATA LOST [; ; win2KPro]

Ok, I'm really pissed off because my hard drive started to act funny and a crapload of my files just dissapeared. The folders are there but there is nothing in them. I've lost about 20GB's of data (including my mp3's which has taken me YEARS to collect).

I suspect it might have been a virus or something but I'm really not sure. Everything seems to be okay now. Another thing I've noticed is that Windows 2000 tells me that my I've used 25GB's on my drive where I've only used aboout 2GB's.

Now I've tried a few data recovery tools but they I don't think they'll do the job. The folders appear corrupted and unrecoverable. Now I'm about 90% certain that the files can still be recovered considering its a new drive so the files can't have been overwritten. So what I need is a powerful file recovery tool that can recover my files.

Suggestions anyone?