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Default Pavtube ByteCopy for User Experience

Are you annoying that you can't rip your new bought Gods of Egypt? The Martian, The Revenant? cause these new Blu-rays now have been encrypted with more complex encryption mechanism? Now, you are saved by Pavtube in that Pavtube Studio has upgraded his main 4 Blu-ray ripping tools to version.

[b]What's new?[/b] latest Blu-ray MKB62.
2.fix some bugs.

Users can login [url=***********][/url] or [url=***********][/url], follow your own link to download the latest version.

Pavtube ByteCopy can help you convert MKV file while leaving multiple audio and subtitles. VLC is most suitable for playback after conversion. These functions are no problem for everyone because both Mac and Windows are available for free. Pavtube ByteCopy can support BD and DVD. It can also convert directly from BD and DVD discs. In other words, it has a function to break the copyright protection.It has no full copy function and editing function.

Besides retaining multiple audio tracks (especially HD audios- Dolby TrueHD 7.1/5.1, DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1/5.1, Dolby Digital 5.1) and multiple subtitles in an MKV video without transcoding and quality loss, Pavtube ByteCopy is also able to encode the original soundtracks into DTS 5.1 channels, AC3 5.1 channels, AAC 6 channels, PCM 6 channels, etc. with your wanted languages. Although it is a file size, it keep basically higher picture quality. The file size is almost the same value as the simple capacity calculation of Bitrate of video and audio.Pavtube ByteCopy has various settings like the choice of image quality and audio Bitrate. It is suitable for beginners.

Next is the user experience can be for your reference.

"I have been addicted to Blu-ray movies since I appreciated one. I think if you have watched BD movies, you were enchanted with the wonderful quality image and nice music as well as me.

“I cannot return to DVD anymore.”

It is not exaggeration to say that I was overwhelmed by the BD video named “2001 Space Trip” when I watched it. It is a fairly old movie, but it gave me a fresh surprise at all. I can say that it was more raw than watching in a theater. I could believe that I was personally on the scene. I was surprised that there was nothing blurred in every corner and the frames was very clear.

Thanks to that, I can no longer be satisfied with DVD. If BD and DVD can be rented at the same price, of course, I will borrow BD.

I looked for a BD video on the Internet immediately. I searched a software for Mac to watch BD video at first. But none of the software was suitable for the BD condition. I started looking for some software to solve the problem. But I could not find any software for Mac. I found some software for Windows can be used but not for free. I downloaded the trial software from many manufacturers and tried again and again.

I was able to narrow down to a few software from much ones and I further examined each among them. As a result of using these software, I thought DVDfab is good. However, this is an abnormally expensive software. Fortunately, I found a nice software named Pavtube ByteCopy can hlpe me watch BD video. This software supports English, Chinese and Japanese. It is professional, fast and easy to operate. I think this one is the best converter software in the wold.

Currently, I try various Blu-ray converter and editing software for Mac. There are no domestic software in Japan. Also, there are few oversea software compatible with Japanese. Recently, I will introduce this software for all of BD video fans."

Or just email to our Customer service mailbox(offer your registered email/order number)

50% OFF Coupon for Pavtube Registered User,email to [][/email] to get the extra discount.

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