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Default market for ps2 backups

Not sure i this can be posted on here or not. Its been a wile sinceIve been on the site so fire id ask and if the topic needs moved or removed thats fine or if ok to stay on here. I spent hundreds and hundreds of hours collecting ad njoyig play myps2 and backups but have sice move on. I know here is stillalot of people that play thesystem for its vintage quality and aso still has ome fantastic qualiies. And alo beig passed on to younger gnererations now. But I have probably 1000 bacups pssiby more and not sur what to do with them because they are just sitting in the closet. Is thre a safeway to get ahold of someone who would apprciate them andaso gve a fair deal. If I have posted i t wrong place again I appologize inadvan. If te post has been moved please let me now at or if it can stay here and interested pleas email as well for more info