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The problem likely is [b]not[/b] the OS you are running or the cd-drive, but the media you use

Cd drives read cd's by firing a laser beam onto the cd. The reflecting layer on the cd will reflect the light to a reciever which translates the collected bits and pieces of reflected light to data.
Thing is, older cd-drives use a powerfull laserbeam onto the cd's and they also need a powerfull reflection for the reciever to pick up the signals.
Many Cdr's are not as reflective as "original" silver (clear transparent dye) cd's. Therefore, in many cases old cd drives act buggy when attempting to read a cdr.

My experience is that gold or silver reflecting cd's, preferrably with a clear transparent dye work quite fine in oder drives. (Philips CDR-X 80 for example)


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