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Originally Posted by Nuttapper
what was the model of your Sony Laptop ? [B][I]Sony Vaio NV209[/I][/B]

When it tells you the file is missing is it in a dos format? [b]C:/ntldr missing[/b] [I][B]Yes[/B][/I]

I assume you tried the F1 key and just forgot to type that one in? hold the key down instead of just hitting it [B][I]Yes, tried all the F keys but tapped them, will try holding them down when i get home from work later[/I][/B]

the usual ones are F1, F2, esc or del [I][B]Didnt try esc, but will try it later as above[/B][/I]


forgot to ask which windows you installed ? [B][I]Windows XP Pro[/I][/B]

MS solution = [URL=********]here
- [B][I]This drive has never had another windows version installed on it.[/I][/B]
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