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1 Download DVRFlash v2.0

2 Download the beta 16x4all firmware.

3 Put DVRFlash.exe and R8100108.106 directly onto the root of your C: drive.

4 Go to Start->Run and type in "cmd"

5 Type "cd c:\" at the command line to change your working directory to the root of the C drive.

6 Type "DVRflash X: R8100108.106" changing X to the drive letter assigned to your DVR-108 and hit enter.

7 Follow the on-screen instructions.

I have firmwared my rom drive from 1.40 to 1.60 then to beta frimware, then read that the new 1.14 frimware speeds up the time it take to record at 12x and 16x, so firmwared to 1.14, then firmwared it back to 1.60 beta, cut 5 mins off record time

Also if you want to fimware it drive to 1.14 you will have to change
X: R8100108.106 to X: R8100108.1.14

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