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Default How to Join MTS files-Mac Join TM900 AVCHD to PS3 for Display with No Loss of Quality

How to Join MTS files-Mac Join TM900 AVCHD MTS to PS3 for Display with No Loss of Quality

Panasonic AVCHD camcorders like HDC-TM900/HS900/SD800 (1080 60p/50p shooting mode), Lumix DMC-ZS3/TZ10, HDC-TM90/SD90/SD80, etc can help you record your happy holiday/birthday video and give raw HD video with MTS extension. If you like using your PS3 (Play Station 3) for displaying these recorded MTS family videos, you will found the videos showing are so amazing on HDTV via PS3. And you can directly put or Mac Join TM900 AVCHD MTS to PS3 for Display for enjoyment via HDMI. However, before enjoy them with PS3, you may want to do simply editing like cutting off unwanted or unimportant parts and then merge or join the cut TM900 MTS files into 1 MTS file while keeping the same format, without losing any quality. Sometimes you can also put them in a format for devices to watch anywhere in the house or on the go.

Now I will show you a fast way to cut off native TM900 MTS camcorder clips, and then join them into one file without conversion for playing on PS3 with Full HD resolution on Mac OS X like 10.5 Leopard and 10.6 Snow Leopard.

Step 1. Capture native MTS from Panasonic HDcam like HDC-TM900 to Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac.
Run Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac as the fast Mac TM900 AVCHD cutter/joiner without recompression, and use USB cable to connect your Camcorder to PC. Then follow the camcorder wizard to import videos. After selecting the Import option, you will face the window to choose the video clips for importing to Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac.

Step 2. Join/combine TM900 AVCHD MTS raw footage.
Click the drop-down button for the Add movie icon and choose lossless output, drag and drop the MTS clips from the Camcorder tab to the movie ID, and the files with the same parameters like frame size, audio channel will be joined to the movie. Or you can directly drag and drop clips to Timeline using Ctrl + A for directly merge all the TM900 MTS files. Then you can double click the movie to highlight it on the timeline for following process.

Step 3. Cut off unwanted parts from raw MTS movie for PS3.
From the timeline, you may notice the vernier, which is used as time pointer. Click on the Vernier, and move to the timeline you want to cut, and click the Split button to cut the video. Then select the unwanted or unimportant parts and click Delete. And the Previous Frame and Next Frame buttons can help you locate each frame of the videos and cut with frame accuracy.

To change video sequences, just click on the video clip on timeline, drag and drop to the left or right for the position as you like. One movie will be exported as one file with Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac.

Step 4. Merge/join/stitch raw TM900 MTS with no loss of quality for Play Station 3 on Mac.
Click the Export button and you click the OK button, the Mac MTS/M2TS cutter/joiner for PS3 will start merging large .mts files into one mts without conversion at the fast speed. The non-conversion process will prevent loss of quality and How to Join TM900 AVCHD/MTS files for PS3.

Hope you enjoy the simple joining process with Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac to prevent re-encoding for PS3 (Play Station 3) with HDTV.

1. If you think that MTS/M2TS file is so large that canít play smoothly on PS3 (Play Station 3), you can also use this Final Mate for Mac to convert MTS or M2TS file to MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, etc with smaller size for PS3.
2. If your computer is running windows system, please use Aunsoft Final Mate to merge MTS files without conversion for PS3 or convert MTS files to MP4, WMV, etc for PS3.