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Default HELP needed PLEASE

How can we know that CD-ROM is connected through IDE or SCSI?

I have 2 CD Drives one is the CD Drive and other is the CD writer connected to my PC, one of the CD Drive icon is showing in MY Computer but the other Drive icon is not showing on the MY COMPUTER.none of thew Drives are working But when i press the button to insert the discs in the Roms they both open i insert the disc in them

One of the Rom whose icon is available in the MY COMPUTER give a message insert the disk in the Drive altough the disc is in the Rom and Other CD writer ROM does not even Detected. and the Icon is also not there in MY COMPUTER.

BUT few days back the CD Writer ROM was working fine suddenly the Icon got vanished from MY COMPUTER and the Rom is not Delectable.

if somebody has the solution Please help me.