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Cool use disc juggler

Originally Posted by evanwier
Okay, so. I got a dreamcast, March2000, supposedly reads cdr's according to date. But here in lies the problem, first thing I did was get some .cdi's, self booting, burned them using Alcohol, raw dao, 8x. put them in, didnt work. So i was like, alright, maybe it needs a boot disc. Burned utopia boot, worked fine, put in the game, nothing happens. So i reburned the games using cdi2nero didnt work. Iburned them using disc juggler mode2 raw, no luck. So what i'm not getting is why the DC reads boot cds, but not games....

Use discjuggler
select new
Burn CD and DVD images 'click ok'

Select your source CDI to burn.

'click' the advanced thumbnail
Uncheck [ ] add post - gap to 3rd party images.

'Check' [X] TAO Write

insert a blank disc and click start.

This should create a good bootable game disc unless yous cd burner's ASPI is not updated you may be having problems from that.

But try it and let me know.