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Thumbs down Sony DRU500a dvd+/-rw...horrible, horrible software included

I finally get this thing and find out the software absolutely blows chunks.

The software is called "Veritas - RecordNow."

There is no possible way to burn an image. They have what they call "favorites" which stores an image but that functionality is somewhat NOT included in the software package sony is including with the drive.

Here is what the help menu says:

Saving an image file on your hard drive
RecordNow gives you the option to save "images" of your discs on your hard drive. These image files are automatically added to your list of Favorites and can be used to create new copies of your discs whenever you wish. To learn more about creating a disc from an image file, see Using Favorites.

Note This feature is not available in all versions of this product.

To create a disc image:

1: Click Make an Exact Copy from the main menu.
RecordNow automatically opens your recorder drive.

2: Insert the disc you wish to copy into the drive tray.

Note If you wish to use a different disc drive to read your disc, click Change. (See Changing Recorder Drives for more information.)

3: Click Next.
RecordNow reads the contents of your disc.

4: Click the Change button.
The Select another device dialog box appears.

5: Choose Create disc image and add to Favorites from the drop-down list and click OK.
6: Click Next.
7: RecordNow will create an image file on your hard disk. Image files can be very large -- up to 700 MB for CDs and 4.7 GB for DVDs. If RecordNow determines your hard drive does not have enough free space to hold the file, a message will appear asking you to create additional free space.

Note In most cases, the free space must be available on the C:\ partition of your hard drive.

8: After the image is successfully created, a dialog box appears asking you to give the image a meaningful name. Type a name and click OK. The image is added to your list of Favorites.

end quote.

While doing this, at step 4 there is NO change button.
I did copy a PS2 dvd-r to the included blank dvd+rw and everything went smooth. (This is my first dvd-burner so I had to try it out...of course the +rw didn't work in the PS2.)
After the disc was written, it only then asked if I wanted to save the image in favorites. I didn't think to save it then.
So then I copied a cd and it did NOT ask if I wanted to save as a favorite afterwards.

So this is pretty messed up. You can't burn an image that you didn't rip yourself(if you could) and if you want to save an image, you have to burn yourself another copy of a disc you already have(and DVD only)!!

I know there is an upgrade that unlocks some features but I highly doubt you can burn an image not created by the program itself.

So let the buyer beware!!

I surely hope Nero or some other good burning software will support this drive soon. Anyone got some inside info?