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It's a headache problem for you to import flv into Final Cut Pro and edit flv video with Final Cut Pro on Mac, because the Final Cut Pro doesn't support flv format. So if you want to edit flv files with FCP, you need to convert flv file to FCP and then import flv files into FCP directly.

Is there an easy way for you to convert flv to FCP? The answer is yes, just read this article, you can find a best partner to convert flv to FCP and you will get the answer how to convert flv to FCP, how to import flv into FCP and how to edit flv with FCP in a few minutes. Edit flv with Final Cut Pro will be an easy and interesting thing now!

The Final Cut Pro is an powerful editor software for Mac fans to edit their video files, it support DV, HDV, MP4, etc. If you wanna do some special effects on your flv video and then share your flv files with your friends on YouTube, FCP is the best choice for you to choose, with its powerful functions, you can get an unique movie. Import flv into FCP is the just one problem for FCP doesn't support .flv.

Flv to FCP Converter for Mac is the best partner for the Final Cut Pro, with it you can easily to convert flv to FCP .dv and then import flv into FCP for editing, just need some easy steps you can solve the problem that can't import flv into FCP, not only this, it also can convert much more different format videos to other formats like avi, mpeg, mp4, mov, asf, etc. Just free download and try the Mac Flv to FCP Converter!

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