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[i]Originally posted by Mystical_2K [/i]
[B]i have heard of these before, however i aint never seen a picture yet - and they will be expensive so i will stick to my Enigmah Beta and flashing the Bios - thanks for the info though [/B]

Well it seems you already have a modchip, and probably have soldering experience or know someone who does.

For those who don't have experience soldering, and don't want to pay someone to do the soldering on top of buying a modchip, will find this to be their best bet for playing backups on their xbox.

As far as there being no pictures yet, the release date isn't for another 17 days (sept. 21) and they may not want someone else to cash in on their idea. If easybuy2000 is willing to stop selling the latest and greatest modchip yet "OpenXbox (PC-BioXX)", and promote something no one knows about, I'm sure it's not a hoax. They could be making money on selling OpenXbox (PC-BioXX), but they know everyone will want to order the Matrix instead.

But I could be wrong.
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