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Default Hard Drive Space

Am sure you need more views.
So here's my story. I heard Partition magic can do this for you. Personally I have not used this. Suggest you Google "Partition Magic" before going thru the process. Using Partition Magic lets the software be in control.

If you want to be in control of your PC, there's a more lengthy process. Can be hours when you start doing it. Retoration takes less than one hour for about 6Gb of hard disk space used. This is an advantage for future breakdowns or even when you replace with a NEW big hard disk. The steps are outlined below....

(1) If you have a burner use Drive Image (software) to make an image of 'C'. drive. You can use XP's built in Roxio to make a bootable image. An image of 'C' is liken to making a photograph of your hard drive. (I use an old version of Drive Image Version 4 which works with XP SP2.) Suggest also you clean up your system up with all useless file, updated and scanned for virus before making an image. Bootable CDs with an image of your hard drive is actually a Recovery CD. Most 'gurus' will tell you so.
(2) Be sure to save or burn all your data that is on 'D' on CDs. This is always useable.

Make sure the Bootable works by trying it out elsewhere and your data on the CD is readable. Only when you sure that they work will you go to do the following...

(1) Use FDISK to repartition your hard drive. This is where you take the full control. Make whatever size partition you wish. Caution! using FDISK to repartition and reformating you Hard Drive will ERASE everything that is on it.
I reiterate; only if you understand what I have stated should you attempt. If you don't, it's best that you gain more knowledge with the help of an exprienced friend.
(2) Armed with your bootable Image of 'C' drive (CDs can number many depending on what you have on your hard drive) you can proceed to restore everything back to normal.

Please excuse me but this is my first and final suggestion to you. You have to do some searching and equip yourself with the necessary knowledge as outlined above. The things you need to know are...
(1) Using Drive Image (software) to make the image of 'C' drive and Restoring everything back to your hard drive.
(2) Burning all your data found on 'D' to CDs.
(3) Using FDISK to partition and format your hard drive.


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Can anyone tell me how to take space from my d drive and give it to my c drive. i have windows xp. thanks
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