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You posted ages ago, and I've just registered. A perfect match.

Well, incase someone googles here I'll post a semi-answer. You need the lastest Alcohol version to copy the game with, set to copy at the slowest speed. Then a few other options need selecting that I can't remeber (''don't skip errors'' might be an important option). Anyway, once you've got your good image file, you need to disable ALL your physical drives in device manager. Not sure how important it is to disable them in BIOS too, but I have.. Then, I use Daemon Tools to create one virtual drive (maybe Alcohol can be used safety, not sure). Mount the image and play.

People run into problems when the image isn't copied perfectly, as using Alcohol with all the right options checked is important. Then, even with a good image file, they forget to disable all their physical drives.

I aways have Daemon's emulation options on by default, but people can test for themselves.

Actually, now I've come to think of it, Daemon's emulation options are only needed for CD-R games. And as BF2142 is a DVD game, you maybe ok to use Alcohol and not Daemon if you so choose. Am I right?