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Default Travel with your Blu-ray movies

Travel with your Blu-ray movies


Are you going on holiday soon and would like to travel with your laptop? If so, take some of your Blu-ray movies with you to watch is a nice idea to have fun.Then you may ask if it’s possible to back up your Blu-ray movies onto your laptop which is blu-ray compatible and play them back. Frankly speaking, as long as you are possessed of an appropriate program, like a Blu-Ray ripper[img]***********[/img], you can absolutely do it. Since loads of Blu-ray rippers have emerged day by day, here I’d like to share my own opinion and experience about the key points you should focus on during the course of choosing an available Blu-ray application.

First things first, if it is a foolproof program. The ease of use will definitely affect your moods while making use of the Blu-ray ripper. Imagine it is complicated to operate, and each time you follow the user instruction it will bring you nothing except confusion, then you must want to throw it away or kick it out. So, just look for a piece of easy-to-use software that you can operate without troubles. The one that there is no need to read the help instruction would be preferred.

Secondly, capability of removing BD protections. To reserve copyright, all the commercial Blu-ray discs are embedded with strict protections like BD+, and AACS, to backup the protected BD films, the Blu-ray ripper you will use must be able to get rid of all kinds of BD protections, otherwise, it is hardly to achieve the goal of backup. As all we know AnyDVD HD[img]***********[/img] is a powerful application to do this, the only flaw lies in that it does not allow users convert video format and compress file size.

Thirdly, the exported file quality. In my experience, masses of current Blu-ray rippers in the market have audio and video out of sync issues, but some of them still perform very well with the exception. Therefore, when you are searching for a Blu-ray ripper, you should pay more attention on this point, otherwise, the output file quality will disappoint you a lot.

Fourthly, directly copy function or ability of file size compression. If you are looking for a solution to backup your Blu-ray files to your laptop, in my logic there may be two requirements. Firstly, directly copy BD movies to the hard drive of your notebook without any quality loss, in other words, maintain the highest file quality; secondly, compress file size to save storage space of your hard drive. To meet the two demands, you just need find out a program that is capable of doing this.

Fifthly, the ripping speed. I suppose nobody would like to wait around during the process of Blu-ray Backup. If so, you’d better choose an application that adopts multithread tech to accelerate the ripping speed.

The last but not the least: if the developer provides you with good after-sale services. Suppose you encounter some problems that you can not solve by yourself while using the software, then what will you do next? In my opinion, directly ask help from its customer service is the best choice of all. In that way, you can get the professional suggestions without head-scratching puzzlement.

Hope my info can be of some help for you. Any criticism is appreciated, many thanks.