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i learned to solder so i could do my psx about 5 or so years ago. those were something like 4 or 6 wires. it was hard then but now a days i can do a psx in under 15min easy, probably 10 if im being careful. since then i rewired my room, starting making circuits etc. after all that a ps2 wasnt all that hard. if you dont know how to solder at all it would most likely be hard. the hardest part i thought was how long it took. I had my wires quite long so I had to recut tin them again to make it look all nice. I used one of those little things with the alligator clips on them to hold the wires next the contact as close as it could then i would just take teezers to hold it onto the point which helped. I would suggest getting multimeter pole things (not sure what to call them) that are really small to check for bridges. i made myself some out of needles, hot glue, standard PC power supply wire, and empty pen shells. if you have an idea of what your doing and what you want to avoid doing you should be fine. just go slow. and thats the end of my rambling.
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