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[i]Originally posted by allanr2k2 [/i]
[B]hi guy can any one give me any info on the nec writer is it a new kid on the block or as it been around a while i am thinking about buying one or is it the trusty pioneer also will the 2x nec be able to use 1x media whould be grateful for any help
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Well the there are two different NEC models, the 1100a which is a DVD+R/+RW ONLY drive and that writes DVD+R at 2.4x or 4x. The other is the NEC 1300 which is dual format and writes both DVD-R/+R and DVD-RW/+RW. There is no such thing as a 1x DVD+R disc so I assume you are talking about the dual format NEC. Two things you need to know about the dual format NEC 1. The initial reports from actual users HAVE NOT BEEN GOOD 2. There is no 2x4all option for the dual format NEC so you will be stuck writing most 1x discs (or all 1x discs) at 1x. I would definitely pick the Pioneer over either of the two NEC drives. The 1100 isn't bad but it only supports DVD+R/+RW and the media for + is more expensive in most cases. With the Pioneer 105 drive costing only 146 pounds (including VAT) at SVP, I would definitely go for the 105.