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Originally Posted by PlayStation®2

ritek's are obviously not as good as originals..everyone knows that .what kind of a clueless statement is that.
I know what i'm talking about, you dont.
your the one that made that statement,not me,maybe you need to re0read your original post

and as for me not knowing what i am talking about,well that is a matter of opinion
i have been backing up games well before most i think i have somne sort of idea what i am saying
i have tested pretty much every brand of disk/dye you can get

ritek are are 2nd rate media,they stopped using the best dye,some time ago.

ty's are verbatims with dye from japan are the best

i am not saying ritek are totally useless.but do your homework,before making statements like that,or at least have the knowledge or proof to back it up