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Originally Posted by duvfromabuv
ive done exactly what you said but the game just goes back to the ps2 browser ive tried using alcohol 120% and other methods but i get the same results any idea as to whats wrong?
i tell u this: i read that u burn and dump so much cds and dvds i
ll explain it simply:

use sonic record now deluxe use the discopy copy option.. if source game on cd then insert a cdr media same about dvd media games.

if u get then into the menu and u get disc read error u need to replace lens.

thats a common problem of the ps2-console. $ony made it on purpose i assume, putting short life lens in its ps2.

try also to read a dvdr movie. if it also doesnt detect the media and gives u a disc read error then u should replace lens.. look at ***********
for lens type.