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Originally Posted by Jimmy Joe
I use sax-n-dotty 2.143 program for karaoke which is great,no complaints,seems better than mtu,tricer soft,karaoke-merry-go-round,which takes a computer expert to use,but still you have to run a dj program if you play dj music at your karaoke shows.. I was wondering what other people use at there shows..?
Jimmy Joe,

This may sound stupid, but I use Winamp.

For Dj, I use the crossfader plug-in.

Most of my Dj shows I run videos, so I use the Vid plug-in.

For karaoke I use CDG plug-in.

Have been running shows this way for 3 years, and people love it. Get tons of positive comments, epecially Video DJing, as I run theme shows with some very unique, rare videos.

I tried PCDJ+Karaoke and another proggy I can't remember, and was not impressed. Winamp is still the simplest out there. You can crossfade and over talk without any problems...there is no way to adjust beat though.