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Default Help! Could this be a virus [IBM Aptiva; ; win95b]

Ok heres the symptomps. Just now while using Netscape (and Kazaa Lite), Netscape all of a sudden changed font size. Then the broswe buttons (back forward reload home search etc..) all lost their little icon. Then when I right clicked a link to open in a new window, it said "Cannot Create Empty" - whatever that means. Then I went back to Kazaa and its font size/type was changed too. And on drop down menus (both Kazaa and Netscape), the down arrow was replaced by a 6! I have 96 mb of ram so running those two simultaneously shouldnt cause any problems and I have 1.04 GB of a 1.96 GB hard drive free, so disk space is there. I defragmented and scandisked 7 days ago. Im just trying here to answer further questions. If you can help me out here, please do so. If u think its a virus, please let me know how to clean it up.

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