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OK, i'll rephrase what i ment when i stated that ive worked in that industry and own my own business specifying in that industry, it looks like you're the one who is about to get embarrased.

ill explain it even clearer then that because obviously people like you are extra thick to get through it goes: I own a business which provide back up games for sale and installations of ps2 & xbox mod chips. ive worked as an employee for 5 years and know way more tricks of the trade of this business, and now beacause of my knowlege of backing up games/mod chip installation i now own the business.

Thats what i ment when i stated twice that i owned a business specifying in that industry. thats why it is obvious that i know more then you because i install mod chips and back up games every day of the week, unlike yourself who has probably delt with the few 10 or 20 backups.

Is it actually possible to explain it clearly then that.. oh wait there is, i guess ill explain it again in "dumbass terms" for people like yourself, and for people who agree with you" - [U]I IS BOSS OF SHOP WHICH INSTALL MOD CHIP AND SELL BACK UP GAME BUT I NOT ALLWAYS BOSS I WAS A WORKER DERE FOR 5 YEAR BACKING UP GAME AND INSTALL MOD CHIP"

Thats the most illiterate, way i can explain what i do and why i do know more then you about this subject, and as far as threats go, i dont care what you have to say, you will be the one who will un-scribe from this thread because of your idiocity.

i will keep this going as far as it can go untill you admit you are wrong, just goes to show, kids these days need to do their research these days before they get into embarrasing arguments over the internet with proffessionals.

Later Kid.

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