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Originally Posted by PlayStation®2

Ritek or Ridata DVD's are as good as the original ps2 disks you buy in the shops
Believe Me

in fact,because this is getting so boring,lets try and end this right now

post that statement on other console forums,and there are plenty of them,and lets see what response you get.lets see if anyone agrees with you.
ps2-scene/afterdawn/teammodders/alucard/ps2nfo are just a few i could mention.
then see what replies you get.
you can post the links here if you like
do you honestly believe that your intial statement is correct?
next you will be telling me modbo chips are just like the real thing.

edit,i just seen some of your first posts,you didnt even know that the snes emulator existed until a few months ago,thats how much you know about the console scene.bless
if you want some advice on how to make your own snes dvd,just ask,i am sure this "kid" will show you the way.
that goes for any other emulator you can get,c64/spectrum 48k/nes/pgen/mame etc i can compile all of them.

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