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Regarding the liteon/sony problem you mentioned above, do you know if I could be having similar problems because of my particular drive models?

I have been unable to get *anything* on cdr to boot, including Utopia. >_<

dvdrw : liteon 1633s with 1653s fw (version CS0T)
cdrw: sony cdr195e crossflashed to liteon 4812s (with fw VSOD)

We bought some official games from GameStop (like $.75 each!!!) but I'd still very much like to get some of the open source stuff working, especially DreamSNES.

Also, is the DC finnicky with any particular manufacturers' blank media?

I've picked up some Taiyo Yuden discs just in case (Maxell CDR-Pro), but haven't burned 'em yet, seeing as how I went through 10-12 CMC discs before I had the sense to see if this was an MIT / MIJ problem, something fuxored with my drives, or (most probably) my own ignorance of how to properly write these images in the first place.