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Red face

i actually phoned the guy up who does this renting buisness and it seems a no go to be honest, he told me he wanted 20 quid a spin ! i think hes on some serious dope ! i think hes in wigan lancs if i remember, ...the best way to do this is to find a roulette game on any console or pc and video capture as many spins as you can on a dvd.....( bloody loads ) then shove it in your dvd on random shuffle....if i had a video card i would pop round my mates whos got about 400 playstation games and he says hes got about 10 casino based games, i would find a way of putting it through my video card input and just record them on to hard drive, then burn them to disc.....note...whats needed is a roulette game with the euro wheel (single zero)....and one that shows the wheel spinning in full screen mode instead of along side the table layout like the online casinos do...ive also mailed chris at karaoketools to see if he can sort one out a bit like the bingo and play your cards right discs that are floating about.

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