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Come on take a little look around will you?

A guide to multi movies is not whats needed to get you started.

Start small, look for postings ortutorials regarding re-encoding/ downsampling.

There are many tools and why you dont see one big guide is because most people prefer to use their own methods.
I for 1 use
DVD Decrypter
Bitrate Viewer
CCE Guesser
Pulldown (if movie is NTSC)
IFOEdit (to return the AR back on Widescreen movies)
I suspect any one of these tools could be replaced with something else to alter the proceedure.... it's just whatever you feel comfortable learning.

CCE for example looked very daunting at the start, but once you scrape away at it it's childs play. Others however might prefer TMPGenc over this.
The possabilities are endless.

Learn the video aspect of re-encoding and everything else will fall into place. There is lots of good advice on both this forum and over at Doom. If you cant find what you're looking for here/there then yo are probably going to struggle.

My advie is go with CCE it's extremely good at getting high quality movies out at even very low bitrates.

2x 1Hr.30 m movies will yield unbelievable results and even a total of say 4Hr 30m should be very respectable