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Default Faq

Refined version of the [URL=***********]FAQ[/URL] .



[URL=********]P-GEN (Sega Genesis)[/URL]



[URL=********]PS2Reality Media Player[/URL]

[B]Useful links[/B]

[url]***********[/url] - Patches & Utilities.

[url]***********[/url] - Patches & Utilities.

[url]***********[/url] - Information on releases.

[url]********[/url] - Region conversion patches (PAL2NTSC.

[url]***********[/url] - Rip kits.

[B]Forum Links[/B]

[URL=***********]Winning Eleven Topics[/URL]

[URL=***********]What version is my PS2?[/URL]

[URL=***********]Previous FAQ[/URL]

[B]Recommended Drives & applications[/B]

[URL=***********,,2076_17573091_48224579,00.html]Pioneer DVR-A07[/URL]

*All other Pioneer Drives.
(i.e. A06, A05, A04, etc)

[URL=***********]RecordNow MAX[/URL] - Great program.

[URL=***********]RecordNow MAX[/URL] [URL=***********]Alcohol 120%[/URL] - Another great program.

[B]Requirements[/B] - Easiest setup.
PS2 Console
Modchip (Such as the Messiah2, or the [URL=***********]DMS3[/URL].
- A modchip is installed into the PS2 Console in order to boot backups (copied games) or other homebrew applications (such as the Media Player, emulators, etc). But be warned, in most cases a modchip will void your warranty, [B]so be careful![/B]