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my crystal ball seems to be on the blink today...(damn you ebay!) so i can't check if you have a nuked version or not, or wether or not it will work in your non-xbox, sorry :-P

what do you mean it didn't work?...any error msg? if you can't burn the split .gi files then you could try this to extract them, but it's a little tedious... open a dos window and navigate to the dir containing all the .gi files, type in:

copy /b *1).gi+*2).gi fifa.iso

this will build an iso out of the split global image files so make sure you got enough room. you could then try extracting the fifa.iso to plain files with xdfsextract, or winiso, winrar... then rebuild with gdfimage or somat...but if you have a bad image then it may be no go anyways...


p.s. apologies for the sarcasm m8, but this has been covered. also, i'm on dialup and have crap news access, i don't d/l games m8, so i wouldn't know if ytou have a nuked version...why was it nuked?..dya know if there was there a patchfix for it?