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Default How to Copy Blu-ray DVD Movies to NAS with Surround Sound

How to Copy Blu-ray DVD Movies to NAS with Surround Sound

Do you have dozens of Blu-ray DVD movies and want to copy them to NAS device before the DVDs degrade any further. NAS, with Network Attached Storage in full, is the extender for home sharing. With the supported network protocols established between NAS and Blu-ray Player or HD TV, you can enjoy high quality movies in high definition.

Many Blu-ray Player supports M2TS blu-ray with BDMV folder. Here is how I copy Blu-ray DVD with original resolution and THX surround sound for storing on 6Tb Synology 409+ NAS. I am using [b]Aunsoft [url=***********]iMedia Converter for Mac[/b], because it supports not only my Blu-ray movies, but also different video formats like M2TS from camera, MKV, RMVB, etc. What’s more, it keeps the surround effect of the original movie like Dolby Digital, THX, Circle Surround sound.

[b]Step 1. Load BD DVD to Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac.[/b]
Insert the Blu-ray disc to BD Rom and run the BD copy tool (Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac). Click [b]BD/DVD Folder[/b] button to load the entire blu-ray disc to the application.

[b]Step 2. Copy Blu-ray disc to NAS with BDMV.[/b]
Click the [b]DiskCopy[/b] button and the application starts copying the BD movies with the original THX surround sound.

[b]Step 3. Play HD video on TV.[/b]
Make sure the wired/wireless network connection is accessible among the NAS, Blu-ray Player like HDI Dune, and HD TV. Then enjoy the high quality Blu-ray on HD TV with 1080i/1080p.

You can load commercial Blu-ray disc to Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac, and get the backup copy without BD+ or AACS encryption. It is the best tool for you to [b][url=***********]copy BD/DVD disc for NAS with surround sound[/b] like Dolby Digital, THX.
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