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Default Cannot create C: drive [Toshiba; 100CS; dos]

OK....i did a low level format on my hard drive using the correct Seagate utility. So i boot up with a DOS bootdisk and go into Fdisk.
Under partition information it says 1 current fixed disk drive with no partitions defined. Now if i go in and create a primary DOS partition and set it active, then go into the partition information screen, it says that it is created and set active. SO far so good.
Now when i quit from Fdisk, it tells me to insert a DOS system disk into drive this the same thing as a bootdisk??? When i put my bootdisk in it reboots into DOS no problem, but then there is no c: drive. If i type c: at the prompt it says invalid drive specification. When i go into Fdisk it says there are no partitions defined.
Do i need to use a different utility from Fdisk?? Or have i totally fu**ed something up??

Thanks in advance.