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thanx again insomniac.

i did all the pre-test: nero smart start, data transfer test, overburn test, and simulations. i even set the simulation burn to immediately go into the actual burn. the sim went fine and then the problem occurred again w/ the actual burn.

a month ago i was burning data cd and had no prob. this all occurred when i tried to burn audio. i even installed roxio w/out luck. i have uninstalled it since then cause i have read adaptec and ahead software don't co-exist well.

i removed incd because it has caused problems in the past w/ my other burner on my old comp. should i reinstall it? i will get some re-writables. thanx for the idea.

unfortunately, i only have 1 cdrw and am not computer literate enough w/ hardware to attempt switching cdrw w/ a friend. i don't want to **** it up. thanx for the idea. i will try to find someone who is more computer literate to make the move.

the cd-rom drive is working fine. it still reads cds. it is just the burner. i have e-mailed optorite for a little assistance. any more
help is greatly appreciated. thank you yet again insomniac for going above and beyond.