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Lossless Camcorder Editing Software-Burn M2TS to Bluray Disc for BD Player
If you have shot videos with your camcorder for the special events like wedding receptions of your friends or relative, birthday party of your family, you may want to edit the video clips, cut off the useless video segment before burning and authoring Blu-ray disc. This guide is the right one for you and you can enjoy lossless AVCHD editing on Windows and burn mts/m2ts to BD disc with the Materials below:
1) AVCHD editor/cutter/splitter/joiner like Aunsoft Final Mate for non-conversion editing;
2) Free Bluray burner software like ImgBurn and multiAVCHD;
3) Blu-ray ROM like Sony BDU-X10S BD-ROM drive and Lenovo Blu-ray Burner.
Below is the quick guide for you edit AVCHD mts/m2ts files on Windows and burn to Blu-ray disc for playback on standalone Blu-ray player hooked with HDTV.
Part I. Edit AVCHD MTS/M2TS with lossless merging and trimming.
Aunsoft Final Mate provides simple editing functions like trimming, splitting, cutting and joining mts/m2ts files without down-grading video quality or re-encoding.
1. Import/capture AVCHD files to Aunsoft Final Mate.
Free download Aunsoft Final Mate and click the "Import" button to load the AVCHD files with .mts and .m2ts as file extension in batch. If you connect camcorder to computer via USB cable, you can also capture and import the camcorder videos with the built-in wizard.
2. Edit AVCHD with trimming and merging.
While the HD camcorder editing software will automatically merge and join the files in the same format, we do not need to merge the video clips again. However, if you have several events stored in the camcorder with the same recording mode, the videos may be joined as a movie on Aunsoft Final Mate.

To delete video clip, just select the video clip on timeline and click the Delete button.
To cut off the unwanted part of a clip, just click pause when the video plays to the time point as the end of the beginning of the unwanted part, and click the Split button. Click on the part you want to remove and click the Delete button to cut off the unwanted part.
3. Export joined/edited MTS/M2TS without conversion.
Click the "Export" button and click the "OK" button to start merging the videos clips into one movie. Each movie on the program UI will be exported as one file on output folder.
Just wait for a few minutes for the lossless re-wrapping without any loss in quality, and you will get the AVCHD files without file extension changes.
Part II. Burn MTS/M2TS to BD disc.
We have listed two free applications for burning and authoring AVCHD files to Blu-ray disc. Here we take multiAVCHD as an example.
1. Free download multiAVCHD and click "Add Video files" button to import the merged and composed .mts or .m2ts files. Then the files will be listed at the Compilation section.

2. Click the "Start" button and you will face the window for output type.
3. Click the "For all Blu-ray players" button in the Blu-ray for BD-R/RE disc section and the burning process will start.
After lossless AVCHD editing and burning AVCHD to a blank BD disc, you can put the BD disc to Blu-ray players like Panasonic DMP-BD85K, Samsung BD-C6900, Sony BDP-S570 for playback on HDTV, or send to friends for sharing the important memories.
Aunsoft Final Mate will detect the camcorder model and manufacturer for AVCHD camcorders, MOD camcorder and TOD camcorders like JVC GZ-HM300/HM400/HM500/HM550/HD620/HM1S, Sony HDR-TG3/TG5, Sony HDR-CX150/CX350/CX550, Sony HDR-XR520/XR550, Sony HXR-MC1P/HX5E, Sony NEX-5, NEX-VG10, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX5V/TX7, Panasonic HDC-TM700/HS700/SD700/SD600, Lumix DMC-ZS7/TZ10, Canon HF S10/S11/S100, Canon HF S20/S21/S200, etc.

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