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Firstly, make sure it's identified correctly in the bios. Try either Auto for the HD or try User and enter the parameters in manually. These will be on a sticker on the drive.
If its not detected in the bios, then you have a hardware problem.

Boot from a bootable floppy.
At the A:\> type fdisk and press enter.
If you receive a message no fixed disk present etc. the Hard Disk is bad or not connected properly.
If can get into fdisk, choose option 4 to display the partition information.
In the partition information, if the System is listed then continue to 5.
If you have a message indicating no partitions defined, no information is on your hard disk drive and you will need to create a new partition.
If you see FAT16 or FAT32 in fdisk press the ESC key until back at the A:\>
Once at the A:\> type, sys c: and press enter. Only do this command if you are using the same operating system that the floppy was created on.
You should get a message 'System Transferred', if you receive bad command or file name and have checked the command properly, you will need to obtain a bootable diskette with the file on it.
If it transferred successfully, reboot the computer and try to format from there.