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Default 2 Easy-to-use methods to convert DVD to iTunes for playing on iPod and iPhone

2 Easy-to-use methods to convert DVD to iTunes for playing on iPod and iPhone

Do you have a ton of DVDs? Want to enjoy them on your iPod, iPhone? Although iTunes can convert a CD and make it rapidly available for us to enjoy on our iPod/iPhone or stream around our house via other computers, or Apple TV and a variety of third party products, iTunes can not support converting DVD for enjoying on iPod and iPhone. In the following article I will share with you 2 methods to convert DVD to iTunes for iPod and iPhone.

[b]Method one: Convert DVD to iTunes using [url=********]Handbrake[/b]

As we know, Handbrake is a free open-source program designed to convert MPEG video (including DVD-video) into an MPEG-4 video files in .mp4 or .mkv containers. In other words, Handbrake can only convert standard video DVD that people would normally play in a DVD player. And it is now cross-platform, and available for Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.


Run Handbrake; select Source to load your DVD files. After Handbrake reads the files, open its main interface where you can set the output format and the output destination.


Besides, Handbrake also supports other optional advanced settings like Picture settings (Crop the picture you don’t need), audio and video settings (Set codec, frame rate, bitrate, etc) and subtitles settings.

Once all the settings are done, you can click the “[b]Start[/b]” button to begin converting.

[b]The merits of Handbrake:[/b]

Totally free

Easy to use with nice guide

Cross-platform including Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X

An activity window which can show you the whole process if you need

[b]The demerits of Handbrake:[/b]

Limited video format support

No internal DVD decryption, only workable non-copyright protection DVDs

Not that stable on Windows as well as on Mac

[b]Method two: Convert DVD to iTunes with DVD Ripper[/b]

This DVD Ripper software is designed to help users to convert DVD to almost other popular video and audio formats, including iTunes format workable for iPod and iPhone.

After free download this DVD Ripper or [DVD Ripper for Mac here, you can add the DVD files into this DVD Ripper and then select output format as MP4 as well as set the destination folder from the “[b]Output[/b]”. If you want to adjust audio and video parameters like resolution, bit rate, frame rate, codec, etc, just click the “[b]Settings[/b]” button on the main interface.


In addition, this DVD Ripper is also a good editor which offers different editing functions like video crop, video trim, video effect, watermark, etc, if you want to use the optional function, just need to click the “[b]Edit[/b]” button to open the editing window for you.

After all the settings are finished, you can click the “[b]Convert[/b]” button to start converting. The whole conversion task will be done in little time for its multi-threading technology.

[b]The merit of this DVD Ripper:[/b]

Support any DVD files, including encrypt and non-encrypt DVDs.

Support large range of output formats

Multi-threading processing

Batch conversion with perfect output quality

Easy to use with friendly interface

Advanced audio and video sync technology to prevent any audio and video issues

Additional edit function to improve and perfect videos

[b]The demerits of this DVD Ripper[/b]

A shareware

No Linux version