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Default Help with putting contents of cdr onto my h/drive [Duron; 1600; win98SE]

I am trying to backup my tv service manuals onto dvdr

I am trying to copy them to my h/drive first (get them altogether and then use Nero to burn them all to 1 dvdr)

Some of them have copied onto my h/drive with no problem , but some of them get to about 18% or so left and just seem to do nothing ??

Also tried extracting the cd contents with clone cd ( to a temp file) but it too seems to get stuck at 88% ??

Just like to add that the source disks are just normal cdr (not original)

Also tried copying the files manualy and noticed on 1 file it says
" Cannot copy 00000001:Cannot read from the source file or disk"

Any help would be great



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