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Unhappy Cannot Play DVD Backups

From the top bought a new x-box 10 days ago,took it straight for chipping/modding to which i believe i have an Apple 6 chip installed,theres confusion as to which model i got could be 1.3 or 1.5, u tell manufacture date 2003-12-03 ser no 2048885-35005 one site leads me to believe 1.3 other 1.5,it has a phillips rom in it,without breaking the shop that chipped its seal i can tell u no more.ok the real problem making backups...i'm backing up games to disc we have so kids don't trash originals,i'm using nero6 ultra and path to burning is recorder/burn image-write/dao/@lowest speed visible usually 1 and finalising it.oh i have Slayer installed on x-box forgot to add..anyway every small game that fits on cd-r i have burned and it plays no problems...BUT every game except 1 which i burned in alcohol @max speed by mistake (and no others won't work this way)to dvd disc either come up in Slayer as no disc or unknown...and i have tried numerous brands of disc now both plus and minus cheap and expensive with no success...someone somewhere must know the please..