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Hi, chandler68!

Thank you for taking the time to help out!

I don't have power supply, it only works with the USB ports.

I will try to check it one more time on my brother's computer, I just need to wait for his return, but I was hoping to find a solution in the mean time.

I haven't installed any software for it, that's why it's hard for me to check and see what's wrong with it.

By faulty, do you perhaps mean it's corrupted and the files are lost for ever? is there at least away to check and see what the files were? I stored avi, mkv, flv, zip, rar, and some files are still in their original Japanese name. I think 40GB worth of files are still there if not 80GB...

Edit: I tried plugging it to my brother's computer it recognized it at first but then it didn't kept doing that for a while till it didn't recognize it at all, also tried another USB port still it won't work on his computer too.

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