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Thanks for trying to help out guys!

I took it back to the shop and they said it can't be fixed and they will replace it, the thing is I still need my files so after going to 2 other shops and the later asks me for about 4000$ to recover my files (the data were around 70GB)

Anyways, I was like ok as long as there's a hope for it I will keep it and someday will pay that amount, I really didn't care about replacing my external.

After I returned home for some strange reason I thought maybe there's a software for recovering data from externals? (I really didn't think that was possible with externals, I always manged to get my deleted files from CDs, DVDs and HD only before)

I found at least 2 softwares...

Stellar Phoenix FAT & NTFS
File Scavenger

I hope this post will be helpful for the future members having the same problem.

Please feel free to lock this thread.