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Post ARM & Pentium Processor Questions [; ; winNT4]

I was trying to Consider the main differences between the ARM architecture and the Pentium architecture, particularly from the programmers point of view.

And I need the following questions answered if possible

What are the main differences between the instructions sets?

How is data addressed?

How much memory can each system have?

What is the difference between the memory caches?

What is meant by the terms "little endian" and "big endian"?

How do these terms apply to the ARM and Pentium?

How are peripheral devices connected to an ARM processor?

In the light of the differences in instruction set and architecture will the same C/C++ program require more or less memory when compiled for an ARM processor?

What is the difference between a native compiler and a cross-compiler?

What is meant by "in circuit emulation"?

What are the minimum requirements of system software that need to run in a target computer in order for program development to take place?

What are the advantages/disadvantages of using proprietary software for the development of embedded user programs versus that of open source?

Thank You for your time