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Default 100% warranty INTACT WITH UN-SOFTMOD

Originally Posted by sadalius
60 mods eh?? thats a drop in the bucket buddy. Besides if you could fix the problem, then you wouldn't need a warranty now would you? Most problems occur with either the hard drive or the dvd drive going out. Most problems are caused by the user not being familiar with modding and deleting something or in the case of a chip, soldering something wrong. I am very familiar with what goes wrong with installs with both chips and softmods, I do both and I couldn't tell you how many I've done. I started out doing the original 29 wire installs so I know it can go either way. All I'm saying is either way can in fact void your warranty.
1--i don't know what your trying to get at

2--but i show other gamers HOW to softmod ON MY SOFTMODING N UN-SOFTMODING ON MY CAM..WITH THE SAME XBOX OVER..N OVER N OVER AGAIN FOR MONTHS..n ive had gamers who would take them back UNDER WARRENTY...BECAUSE THERES 100% NO TRACE OF ANYTHING DONE TO THE XBOX ....WHAT SO just saying what ive done...nothing MORE nothing LESS
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