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Default missing Mouse Issue

I just had this issue with a mouse. USB keyboard and PS/2 mouse does not show. Cannot Start (code 10). According to MSoft this is "by design" I cannot understand their reasoning but the fix is simple. Use PS/2 keyboard and mouse OR use a USB keyboard and mouse. Problem fixed, no more error.

It happens because windows (2000 and XP) do not start the PS/2 IRQ12 port device. It is not the actual mouse or keyboard that is faulty. They will work fine in various other configurations.

The first time I came across this I became convinced that I needed some exotic/now obsolete keyboard driver (msoft suggest this solution first msoft kb258797). But the old chicony has worked fine in many other machines and accesses bios etc with no problems. i wonder how many perfectly good mice and keyboards have been scrapped because of this "designed" anomaly.

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