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Default Bhd Ftp**update**

hiya guys.

first off thanks to all the people who have been using the ftp, i hope you are enjoying it.
secondly, i am going to be going thru all the accounts on there and the ones that haven't been used for a couple of weeks are going to be closed.
people who have been using their accounts will see no changes but if your account has not been used and you want to come back on then you will have to re-apply for a new account.
the reason i am doing this is because the user list is massive but the active users is not as big. i have new people asking for new accounts and i am turning them down because i limit spaces slightly on the ftp. these people then may be able to get a spot on the ftp if i clear up the accounts.

i hope this doesn't cause any of you any problems but if you do find you cant get on the ftp and think you have been removed by accident then please let me know.
also if you want to keep your account but have been inactive for a while let me know also