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Default Problem burning .nrg image file - help please! [; ; winXP]

Greetings to everyone,

First of all, I'm new here so I'd like to say hello to everyone. Well, my name is Joe. And, I currently use nero version 5, Lite On LTR 24102M CDR-W drive. WinXP.

My problem is when I try to burn an .nrg image file, I received this error message "This kind of complition can't be written on the selected recorder, pls select a different recorder or modify the settings of your complition."

I did burn a .nrg image file with nero a month ago without a problem. And now I got this problem. I think the problem began when I installed clonecd. Or, I suspect nero is conficting with other burning driver, probably asapi. These are just my guesses. I could be wrong cause I'm not very good with computer.

Anyway, has anyone encounter this problem b4? ... any advice/info on how to solve the problem is much appreciated. Thanks very much for your time.

regards, joe
ps I have only 1 cdr-w drive. no dvd drive or cdr drive. Thanks!