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Default Firewall Leak Test on Client PC - Pls advise

Hi Guys,

First of all this is my setup.

1) Server (Win2k) running Wingate Server and firewall is ZoneAlarm Pro
2) Client (Win2k) running Wingate Client and NO FIREWALL.

I've just run Leaktest 1.1 from Gibson Research Corporation and I was suprised to see that my client PC failed the leak test. What the test does is send a few packets out and it checks if it was able to penetrate your firewall. If I run the test on my Server (with ZoneAlarm Pro) the firewall cannot be penetrated.

What I thought was that if my SERVER is protected 100%, and if my client only has access to the internet via my SERVER, then the client would be protected as well! As I wrong in my thinking? Do I need to install a firewall on my client PC as well???

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