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Default How to copy/rip the new coming dvd hunger games?

The Hunger Games on blu-ray and dvd will be available on Aug 18th. It is said this is a wonderful and excellent film about how to keep hope, not lose the courage and preserve humanity and dignity under a totalitarian oppressive regime. Most of the people who have seen this film rated it as 5 star. This a must-see film, how can we missed? I believe most of you must love it and are earger to get a copy of this blu-ray or dvd edition. However, the copy guards or tricks always prevent us from enjoying it anywhere we wanted. The good news is Ideal DVD Software already enable to remove the copy guards in blu-ray and dvd as well, you can backup The Hunger Games to blu-ray or dvd, or rip it to other video formats, so that you can enjoy it on your smart phone or tablet etc.

To backup this dvd to hard drive or blank dvd, you should use Ideal DVD Copy to help you. This is a simple but stable dvd copy software. It always runs first in breaking dvd protection. If you failed to copy a dvd with other dvd copy software, you can give this dvd copier a shot. So far, it has solved two editions of hunger games dvd. You may download it from to have a try. When using this program, ensure you didn't run other decrypters in the background, like anydvd, dvd43 etc, these programs may change the key information of the original disc, which will make Ideal DVD Copy failed to copy it.

To copy hunger games blu-ray edition, you may use Ideal Blu-ray Copy. At present, it only supports two copy modes: full disc and main movie. Want to save your blank BD disc, you also can output your blu-ray as ISO file, then you can watch it on your computer.

To rip hunger games dvd to mkv, avi, wmv, mpg, mp4, or enjoy it on your iPad 3, iPhone4s, Kindle Fire, Nexus 7, Streak 10 Pro etc, you may use Ideal DVD Ripper to help you. This dvd ripper is much faster than the competitor, and the video quality is perfect. Easy to operate, even you're new to computer, you know how to do.

You can download the program you needed on , then you can get a perfect copy of your loved "The Hunger Games".