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Normal players just blindly read the first session of a CD, beginning to end, while computers read and combine all the session info, so adding corrupt data sessions to the end of an audio cd acts as a basic protection scheme. You need to either use a tool like Plextools Pro if you have a plextor and enable Single Session reading to make it ignore the extra session info at the end of the disc. I don't know of any other tools for different brands of CD/RW.

You could try using CDRWin to make an image of the disc then edit the .cue file and burn back without the data tracks?

There is also a theory, which I've never tried, that you can get a marker pen and draw a circle around the outside edge of the CD, which your CD-Rom will just see as faulty data and be ignored completely, bypassing the corrupt session info and making the CD copyable.

Has anyone tried this?