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Default Memory Upgrade-help needed


need some more memory - just used sisoft sandra & this is relevant extract

Memory Controller >
Error Detection Method: 8-bit parity
Error Correction Capability: None
Supported/Current Memory Interleave: 1 way / 1 way
Number of Memory Slots: 2
Maximum Installable Memory: 64MB
Maximum Module Size: 32MB
Supported STD/FPM/(B)EDO Speeds: 70ns, 60ns
Supported SDRAM Speeds: PC66, PC100
Supported Memory Types: EDO, SDRAM
Supported Memory Voltages: 3.3V


what memory should i get & how much to pay?

also-need to update bios (Award Software International, Inc. 4.51 PG)

but have no idea where/how

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